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Elenco Serie tv 1

Murder Chose Me Serie tv 2017

 Crime | US | 60 minuti | Murder Chose Me

 2017 Murder Chose Me

Homicide detective, Rod Demery, races against the clock to catch criminals running loose on the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana....

American Vandal Serie tv 2017

 Comedy, Crime | US | 35 minuti | American Vandal

 2017 American Vandal

A true-crime satire that explores the aftermath of a costly high school prank that left twenty-seven faculty cars vandalized with phallic images....

Danger & Eggs Serie tv 2017

 Family, Animation, Kids | US | 12 minuti | Danger & Eggs

 2017 Danger & Eggs

Follows the endless adventures of a fearless, teal-haired girl named D.D. Danger and her ever cautious best friend, a giant talking egg named Phillip. Together, join this buddy system as they explore an underground laboratory, meet a tech-savvy raccoon, and find moments of heart in the smallest bite...

Star Trek: Discovery Serie tv 2017

 Sci-Fi & Fantasy | US | 42 minuti | Star Trek: Discovery

 2017 Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery è una serie televisiva statunitense di fantascienza ideata da Bryan Fuller e Alex Kurtzman per CBS All Access. Si tratta della prima serie del franchise di Star Trek dopo la conclusione di Star Trek: Enterprise nel 2005. Ambientata dieci anni prima gli eventi della serie origina...

Greenhouse Academy Serie tv 2017

 Dramma | US | 30 minuti | Greenhouse Academy

 2017 Greenhouse Academy

Due fratelli adolescenti, Hayley e Alex, sono ammessi in un collegio d'élite, dove scoprono rivalità, amore e un mistero legato alla recente scomparsa della madre....

The Handmaid's Tale Serie tv 2017

 Dramma, Sci-Fi & Fantasy | US | 50 minuti | The Handmaid's Tale

 2017 The Handmaid's Tale

La società di Gilead, un tempo nota come Stati Uniti d'America, è governata da un regime misogino ed estremista che auspica un ritorno ai valori tradizionali della società. A capo di Gilead c'è un'élite di potere che schiavizza le poche donne fertili rimaste per tentare di ripopolare il mondo. Difre...

Shots Fired Serie tv 2017

 Drama | US | 45 minuti | Shots Fired

 2017 Shots Fired

A media storm sets off when an African-American cop kills a white teenager in a small North Carolina town....

Katie Price: My Crazy Life Serie tv 2017

 Drama, Reality | GB | 30 minuti | Katie Price: My Crazy Life

The TV personality, best-selling author, and entrepreneur steps away from the spin and tell her story in her own words. This twelve-part reality series grants unprecedented, all-areas access to her mad, beautiful world, as she juggles being a full-time mum of five with the demanding reality of simpl...

Confess Serie tv 2017

 Drama | US | 23 minuti | Confess

 2017 Confess

Auburn Reed is determined to put her challenging past behind her and get her future on track. Now in her mid-twenties and struggling to fund her custody battle for her only son, she stumbles upon the art studio of the talented and charming artist, Owen Gentry. The two wrestle with their developing r...

Are You The One: Second Chances Serie tv 2017

 Reality | US | Are You The One: Second Chances

 2017 Are You The One: Second Chances

10 Perfect Match from all 5 seasons of Are You The One come together for a second chance to win love and money by competing in missions designed to test the strength of their relationship....

Date My Dad Serie tv 2017

 Drama | US | 42 minuti | Date My Dad

 2017 Date My Dad

Since the loss of his beloved Isabella three years ago, Ricky Cooper's only agenda has been to be the best dad he can be. But little does Ricky realize that his girls have an agenda of their own: get dad a girlfriend....

Devon and Cornwall Cops Serie tv 2017

 Film | GB | 25 minuti | Devon and Cornwall Cops

 2017 Devon and Cornwall Cops

Documentary series about the work of the Devon and Cornwall Police....

Tattoo Girls Serie tv 2017

 Reality | US | 42 minuti | Tattoo Girls

 2017 Tattoo Girls

Set against the backdrop of Ink Ink, a tattoo shop like no other—owned and operated by young entrepreneur Kelsey and employing an all-female lineup of tattoo artists—the series explores their friendships and working relationships as they navigate everyday life....

Famous in Love Serie tv 2017

 Soap, Drama | US | 60 minuti | Famous in Love

 2017 Famous in Love

Ordinary college student Paige gets her big break after auditioning for the starring role in a Hollywood blockbuster. She must now navigate her new star-studded life and the highs and lows that come with being the new It Girl in town as well as balancing her college workload....

Gap Year Serie tv 2017

 Dramma, Commedia | GB | 40 minuti | Gap Year

 2017 Gap Year

Due amici di nome Dylan e Sean, partono con lo zaino in spalla per un viaggio in Cina dopo la separazione di Dylan dalla fidanzata Lauren, ma finiscono per viaggiare in tutto il continente asiatico dopo aver incontrato Ashley, Greg e May....

Ackley Bridge Serie tv 2017

 Drama | GB | 45 minuti | Ackley Bridge

 2017 Ackley Bridge

A new academy school in a Yorkshire mill town merges the lives and cultures of the largely divided white and Asian community...

Godless Serie tv 2017

 Western | US | 80 minuti | Godless

 2017 Godless

Uno spietato fuorilegge terrorizza il West in cerca di un ex membro della sua banda, che ha cambiato vita trasferendosi in una tranquilla cittadina abitata da sole donne....

Ghosted Serie tv 2017

 Comedy | US | 22 minuti | Ghosted

 2017 Ghosted

A skeptic is forced to work with a firm believer of the paranormal on unexplained occurrences in Los Angeles....

Counterpart Serie tv 2017

 Drama, Science Fiction | US | 56 minuti | Counterpart

 2017 Counterpart

Howard Silk is a lowly cog in a bureaucratic UN agency who is turning the last corner of a life filled with regret when he discovers the agency he works for is guarding a secret: a crossing to a parallel dimension....

Ozark Serie tv 2017

 Crime, Dramma | US | 80 minuti | Ozark

 2017 Ozark

Un consulente finanziario trascina la famiglia da Chicago in una località turistica dell'Ozark per riciclare 500 milioni di dollari in 5 anni per un boss della droga....

Santa Clarita Diet Serie tv 2017

 Comedy | US | 30 minuti | Santa Clarita Diet

 2017 Santa Clarita Diet

They're ordinary husband and wife realtors until she undergoes a dramatic change that sends them down a road of death and destruction. In a good way....

Siesta Key Serie tv 2017

 Reality | US | 60 minuti | Siesta Key

 2017 Siesta Key

Docuseries following a group of young adults confronting issues of love, heartbreak, betrayal, class, and looming adulthood as they spend the summer together in their beautiful hometown....

MTV Undressed Serie tv 2017

 Reality | US | 30 minuti | MTV Undressed

 2017 MTV Undressed

MTV Undressed is a one-of-a-kind social experiment that strips away the distractions and superficiality of the digital world. In each episode of this dating experiment, two strangers must undress each other before getting to know one another for the next 30 minutes. They will be tasked with answerin...

The Mick Serie tv 2017

 Comedy | US | 23 minuti | The Mick

 2017 The Mick

Mackenzie "Mickey" Murphy is a hard-living, foul-mouthed, cigarette-smoking woman who moves to affluent Greenwich, CT to raise the spoiled kids of her wealthy sister who fled the country to avoid a federal indictment. She quickly learns what the rest of us already know - other people's children are ...

Boy Band Serie tv 2017

 Reality | US | 45 minuti | Boy Band

 2017 Boy Band

Singers battle it out to become a member of the next music sensation. Viewers at home vote for their five favorite band members. Winners get a spot in the band and a recording contract with Hollywood Records....

American Gods Serie tv 2017

 Dramma, Mistero, Sci-Fi & Fantasy | US | 60 minuti | American Gods

 2017 American Gods

Shadow Moon viene rilasciato e incontra il misterioso Mr. Wednesday. Allo sbando per la recente morte di sua moglie, Shadow viene assunto come bodyguard di Mr. Wednesday. Si ritrova in un mondo nascosto dove la magia è reale, gli Antichi Dei temono l'estraneità e il potere crescente dei Nuovi Dei e ...

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